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Socialist Convene for 10th Convention (May 1922)


"Socialists Convene: National Party Meet and Affiliate with Vienna -- Partyâs Stand Reviewed -- Debs Sends Greetings."
The New Age [Buffalo, NY], vol. 10, whole no. 506 (May 4, 1922), pg. 4.
Published in USA prior to 1923, public domain.

Detailed report from the Socialist press about the 10th National Convention of the Socialist Party of America, opened in Cleveland on April 29, 1922. The article notes that Morris Hillquit had been elected chairman of the gathering for the 9th time of the 10 conclaves in party history (illness kept him away from the Emergency National Convention of 1919). Hillquit's keynote speech is quoted at length, in which he lauds the recent meeting of representatives of the three internationals in Berlin and the first Conference for Progressive Political Action as positives steps forward for the American radical movement. The main decision of the gathering was that the SPA should immediately apply for membership in the International Working Union of Socialist Parties (a.k.a. Vienna or 2-1/2 International). Otto Branstetter is re-elected as Executive Secretary, Bertha Hale White as Assistant Secretary, and Hillquit as Party Chairman. Includes a complete list of delegates and cables received by and read at the convention.

Transcribed by Tim Davenport for 1000 Flowers Publishing, Corvallis, OR, February 2012.
Uploaded by him to, February 8, 2012.

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